Hello, I’m Jack Dorfman, a Los Angeles area high school student. I played baseball for most of my life, but in the competitive SoCal hotbed of youth baseball, I didn’t find a high school baseball spot at my school.

However, I did find an opportunity on the school newspaper as a sports editor and writer. Now I want to use these skills as well as some of my free time to learn about the analytical side of baseball, and to share my findings with you.

On this site I hope to create an environment not only conducive to learning about baseball, but conducive to having fun while doing so, and even being able to voice your opinions and be heard.

In addition to writing about statistics, I will soon be posting short podcasts about fantasy baseball, our limited experience playing, and about other happenings in the world of sports.

On Twitter, you’ll soon be able to follow me @statmanjack and you will always be able to email me at dorfmanjack@yahoo.com.

Soon, other contributors will be joining the site in many different capacities. If you wish to join, please do not hesitate to contact me.